How to create the perfect Wedding Wish List..

weddingThe main advantage of creating your wish list with us here at Whatidlove, is our flexibility and unlimited choice. You can add any item from any shop, ask for cash contributions towards larger items or even donations towards a chosen charity. We understand however that sometimes having such a wide choice can make things harder, so we have put together a small guide to help you create the perfect gift list:

  1. Necessities. If you aren’t already living together, create a list between you of items that you don’t currently have and work up from there! If you are already living together, point two may be more useful…
  2. Think about what you can replace. Most couples in today’s day and age already live together and therefore have the main basic items, so think about if there are items that you already have but may want to replace or upgrade. Kitchenware is very popular with our listers, so how about looking for some new plates or crockery?
  3. Take charge. Don’t be shy about what you put on your wish list, one of the main advantages of creating a wish list is that it gives your guests flexibility too. By creating a list, you are giving your guests options which they can still choose within their own price range whilst also knowing what they are buying you will definitely be used and not gone to waste.
  4. Add a different range of items, some which will stand out and be memorable, as well as different price ranges to suit your guests own price ranges and affordability. Remember we do have a contributions section too which allows guests to contribute exactly how much they can afford towards bigger items.
  5. Be Inspired. Our weekly newsletter contains 5 new items each week, inspired by items our listers are adding to their own lists. This way you can see an honest representation of what other people are interested in and what is popular with people making lists similar to yourself.
  6. No need to rush. Most of our listers start around 4 months prior to their big day. This gives you plenty of time to look for items you are after, send the list to your guests and for your guests to purchase the items too.

Start creating your list with Whatidlove today.

Contributions, and how to ask for them…

Why-HoneymoonWe understand that it can be hard when it comes to getting married. It is becoming more popular in this day and age for couples to be already living together by the time they are engaged, so what sort of things do you ask your guests for on your wedding day if you already have most things? You already have the dining set that comes out when the family comes round, the items that definitely do not come out when children are around, and the ‘fancy’ items that come out when you need to impress. You’ve got stuff already, maybe more than you need. However, with the average wedding costing around £22,000 it is always a good idea to ask for contributions either towards the big day itself, or if you are going on a honeymoon (lucky you!).

Of course you would be sincerely grateful for anything you were given, however gifts simply may not be your main priority. People tend to shy away from the idea of asking for money, often finding it awkward in some way or assume guests prefer to give something more physical, yet it is the one thing that would be most helpful to receive. Perhaps the main issue isn’t whether or not to ask for contributions, but how. A lot of our listers find it nicer for their guests by listing their contributions as things such as ‘Flight fund, £100’ or ‘Romantic Dinner, £50’ and therefore the money seems a lot more physical. Some of our guests like to make up a short poem or a rhyme to be a little less direct! The beauty of our site is the flexibility that it allows our users; how about adding in a contributions sector as well as a few gifts? The contributions section adds flexibility for your guests too, as it allows them contribute as much as they would like to, rather than a fixed lump sum and therefore keeping happy faces all round.